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2015 Nexus 5 Release: What We Know Right Now



2015 Nexus 5 Specs

2015 Nexus 5 Specs

The details surrounding the new Nexus 5 for 2015 aren't clear, but we've received enough details and information to have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Exact dimensions and schematics have been sent to case manufacturers, renders have leaked, and the actual smartphone has been spotted in the wild. Earlier this week we received more information about the Nexus 5 out of a similar Korean outlet, and here's what we know based on leaks and rumors.

2015 Nexus 5 Specs (Rumored)

  • 5.2-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD Display
  • 6-core Snapdragon 808 processor with 3GB of RAM
  • 32 and 64GB of storage (no micro-SD slot)
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • 13 Megapixel OIS Camera with laser autofocus, F/1.8 aperture (similar to the LG G4)
  • 4MP front camera
  • Dual Front-facing speakers
  • Fingerprint scanner on back under camera
  • USB Type-C Port
  • Quick & Wireless Charging
  • 3,180 mAh battery
  • more

This is the latest information that surfaced earlier this week. Some of the details conflict with earlier reports that claimed Google would release the Nexus 5 with a 1080p display to keep the cost down, and battery life at its best, but this leak states otherwise.

It appears as if the Nexus 5 will have a similar 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display as the LG G4, only smaller coming in at 5.2-inches, dual front-facing speakers, a fingerprint scanner for Android Pay and secure logins, and the same f/1.8 camera as the LG G4, which has been called the best smartphone camera by many professionals. However, it won't be 16 megapixels like the G4, and instead a 13 megapixel shooter to keep the cost down.

We don't know all the details yet, but if the September 29th release date is accurate, we'll be learning everything and more soon enough. Stay tuned.

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