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2016 iPad Air 3 Release Date: 5 Important Details



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iPad Air 2 Deals

iPad Air 2 Deals

We have yet to see a large number of iPad Air 2 deals, even though the device is fairly old compared to the fast paced upgrades that come to the iPhone every year.

We've seen our fair share of iPad Air 2 deals during Black Friday and during the holidays, but with a 2016 iPad Air 3 release date possibly just weeks away we aren't seeing many new deals.

Amazon currently sells the iPad Air 2 for $80 off, but most other retailers including Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Staples are not cutting the price of the iPad Air 2 or iPad Air yet.

We should see a $100 price cut to the iPad Air 2 when the iPad Air 3 release date arrives, which is still a good deal.

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