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5 Reasons to Wait for the HTC U12 & 2 Reasons Not To



Wait If You Don't Want a Notch

Wait If You Don't Want a Notch

And last but not least, wait for the HTC U12 if you don't want a "notch" in your phone. It looks like the new phone from LG (G7 Thin-Q) and the OnePlus 6 will both have a notch, similar to the iPhone X. Not to mention almost every budget Android phone un 2018 is apparently offering something similar for no reason. 

If you don't like the notch on the iPhone X, wait for the HTC U12 or get a Galaxy S8 or S9. That's because almost everyone else is embracing this "feature" for some odd reason. 

HTC kept the bezels small on the top and bottom, and the sides, and put the fingerprint scanner on the back. And while the bezels could be smaller, we'll take the little bars around the screen over a notch any day. 

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