17 Best New MacBook Pro Accessories

USB C to USB Adapter

USB C to USB Adapter

Even if you can replace most of your cables with USB C versions, you will need to buy at least one USB C to USB adapter. This will allow you to plug-in anything with a normal USB connection.

You'll need this for external hard drives, for w thumb drive and other devices of the like that you want to connect to your 2016 MacBook Pro.

Monoprice USB C to USB Cable - $7.99 at Monoprice

Apple USB C to USB Cable - $19.99 at Apple

Two options we suggest are from Monoprice and from Apple. The Monoprice cable works just as good, but you will need to wait for delivery which may push some users to go to Apple. Best Buy also routinely stocks similar USB C to USB cables for $10 to $20.

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