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Best Apps for Depression & Anxiety



Joyable App

Joyable App

Joyable is a coach supported app that helps you overcome depression and anxiety. This app uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for treating both of these conditions. 

While using Joyable, you will complete online activities each day that will help you develop skills that you can use to work on anxious thoughts and overcome depression. 

These activities will take about 10 minutes and you should plan to do them at least once every 1-2 days for the bees benefit. 

Instead of working with a licensed therapist or doctor, Joyable links you to a coach who can help you with support, motivation and feedback as you use the app. 

Joyable is $99 a month and it does include a free seven day trial so you can see if this is a good fit for you. You don't need to enter a credit card to use the free trial. 

While using the app you can take a test to get a baseline of your depression or anxiety levels and an estimate of the improvement CBT and Joyable can provide. 

Download Joyable for the iPhone or use the browser on Android. 

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