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Best iPhone Games for When You’re Bored at Work



If you’re bored at work and looking for things to quickly and easily pass the time, here are some of the best iPhone games that you can play without attracting much attention.

The thing with many iPhone games is that you look ridiculous when you play them, especially games that rely on the iPhone’s gyroscope. You’re not exactly convincing anyone when you’re flailing around your iPhone playing Real Racing 3, especially when you’re trying to remain stealthy.

The important thing to remember when playing iPhone games at work is that you need to pick games that are discreet and easy to play, rather than games that rely on the gyroscope or require a lot of weird finger or hand motions. They need to be games that you can play with simple taps and swipes, and we’re not talking Fruit Ninja-style swipes, but just gentle swipes that won’t draw attention from co-workers or the boss while you’re on the clock.

There are also ideal games that you can play that only take a couple of minutes if you want them to, which can be ideal for short spurts of downtime during the day, whether your waiting for copies to be made or just on your lunch break after you eat. These games don’t take a lot of time or effort if you don’t want them to, but they can also be played longer if you have the time, so they’re very versatile as far as play time and replay value.

Of course, if your place of employment doesn’t allow smartphone use at all, then you have a larger problem on your hands as far as being discreet and trying to get some gaming time in during the day, but if you have a work phone and want to pretend you’re typing out an email, here are some fun and casual games that you can play on your iPhone when you’re bored at work.



While Candy Crush Saga has been one of the most popular iPhone games of all time, Bejeweled was actually the very first game to release in that genre, and it's ultimately the superior choice.

Bejeweled simply tasks you with lining up at least three gems that are the same color by switching around gems with swiping, and lining up more will give you more points and bonuses. There are different game modes, like a timed game, as well as a zen version that's more relaxing and mostly just for fun to pass the time.

Bejeweled is an easy one-handed game that can be played at work and it can quickly pass the time.

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