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5 Best iPhone X Accessories



The iPhone X is a great phone, but you can’t quite get everything out of it without the best iPhone X accessories. There are a few things you can buy that will elevate your usage and simplify your life, and they don’t cost that much if you know where to look.

We’re going to help you find the best iPhone X accessories that you will actually use. These are essential purchases if you plan to use the iPhone X. The good news is you may already have a few of them from your iPhone 6s or iPhone 7.

When you open the iPhone X, you only get the iPhone X, the a standard charger, a lightning cable, EarPods, a dongle and that’s it. From there you don’t need anything to get started, but we highly recommend adding to your gear to get more out of your new phone. Here are the best iPhone X accessories;

  1. iPhone X Case or Skin
  2. Wireless Charger
  3. Fast Charger & USB C to Lightning Cable
  4. AirPods
  5. Fast Car Charger

You can add to your iPhone X accessories as you go, but we recommend starting with a good iPhone X case or skin, and then adding on as you find out how you use your iPhone.

iPhone X Case or Skin

iPhone X Case or Skin

Unless you plan to buy AppleCare+ or iPhone X insurance, you should consider one of the best iPhone X cases or best iPhone X Skins

It's going to be expensive to repair the iPhone X without AppleCare+, and even a $10 case will help protect your screen and the glass back if you drop your iPhone. You can see our favorite iPhone X cases to pick one that you know will be good, or simply look for one with good edge protection and that provides a small lip to keep your screen safe. 

For users who don't want a case, an iPhone X Skin is a great option. These don't add any bulk to your iPhone. While they don't add much protection, they can make the iPhone X easier to hold onto, which means there is less of a chance this all glass iPhone will slide out of your pocket or out of you hands. 

You may also want to check out the best iPhone X screen protectors to keep the front of your phone safe from drops. 

As much as we love the design, our iPhone X will spend most of it's life in a case. 

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