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7 Best LG G6 Screen Protectors



SPARIN Glass Screen Protector for LG G6

SPARIN Glass Screen Protector for LG G6

Then, of course, we need to add SPARIN to the list, who offer excellent options just like Spigen. Name aside, they make some great screen protectors that are typically known to have the perfect fit, very durable, and extreme clarity. 

Again, these are thin, super strong, resist fingerprints, and will protect the screen and still allow owners to use a case. It also comes in a 2-pack, which is a growing trend. 

Our favorite aspect is the "easy install" frame that comes in the box. Allowing for the absolute perfect precision install for those that always apply them crooked. Ensuring a perfect fit with no bubbles. Give this a try if the others aren't available. 

Buy it Now for $7.45



  1. Gadgetscanner

    05/14/2017 at 11:54 am

    Using the Spigen one…awesome nd really happy with the quality and and at peace ateast in terms of accidental falls!

  2. Misali

    05/18/2017 at 12:29 am

    I bought from Gadgetshieldz. This protector covers the entire device with no issues.

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