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10 Best Official Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL Accessories



10 / 10

Google Clips Camera

Google Clips Camera

Last but finally not least, since we already shared a few great cases, is the all-new Google Clips Camera. It's an odd accessory, but one that will pair with the Pixel and bring some excitement into your home or activities. 

The Google Clips camera is unique and doesn't work like a GoPro or other cameras that look the same. It's perfect for capturing big moments, or little moments, all intelligently. This camera uses the power of Google Machine learning and AI and knows when to take photos or record videos. Sit it in your home and it learns your habits and starts taking photos or video of exciting moments. 

It sounds a little scary, but Google claims none of the information it captures gets saved. Everything the Clips camera captures is instantly available to view in Google Photos on a computer, laptop, tablet, or of course the Pixel 2. 

If lighting is ideal and it finds multiple faces in the frame (people over visiting) it takes a photo or some video. Clips also snaps moving photos, GIFS, and a lot more. Along with it is free unlimited photo storage and backup with Google Photos.

To give you a little piece of mind, Google Clips doesn't use an internet connection at all. All the machine learning and intelligent capturing of photos happen ON THE DEVICE. Pair it to the Pixel, and enjoy the results. 

Buy it from Google for $249 

10 / 10
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