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19 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cases



AMOVO Leather Wallet Case

AMOVO Leather Wallet Case

Next, is a slim leather wallet case for people who want to carry less. 

AMOVO Folio Leather Wallet cases are my favorite because of the 2-in-1 design. It's a regular stylish and thin leather case, or a wallet case if you need that aspect too. Basically, it's two cases for the price of one. 

This wallet case uses premium vegan leather, and it can hold three credit cards (or an ID with a window) plus some cash. Basically, it's everything you'll ever need. If you're not in the mood to carry a thick wallet case just snap it out and leave the wallet behind. 

Additionally, the company demagnetizes the entire case (aside from the magnetic strap to keep your wallet case) that way magnets don't interfere with the S-Pen. An issue we've seen in past wallet cases. They ensure every aspect of the phone will work 100%. AMOVO offers this stylish vegan leather case in a slew of colors, so choose one today, 

Buy it Now for $24.95 on Amazon

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