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15 Best Galaxy S10 Cases in 2019



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Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S10

Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S10

Last but not least, for now, is the new Mophie battery case for the Galaxy S10.

This is your typical durable rugged TPU and polycarbonate plastic case, but then they added a big battery inside so your phone can last even longer. While the S10 has good battery life, if you want nearly 6,000 mAh you'll want the Mophie Juice pack.

Available for the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+, the Juice Pack offers 2,000mAh of additional juice for the Galaxy S10e and S10, as well as 2,525mAh for the Galaxy S10+. 

Combine the 3,400 mAh internal battery with another 2,000, and this case will let your Galaxy S10 have a total of 5,400 mAh, which should be enough to last for 2-3 days on a single charge. 

Mophie cases offer pass-thru technology so the USB Type-C port still works for charging and sync or data transfer, and you still get wireless charging with the case, too. You will, however, lose reverse wireless (Powershare) charging. On the flip side, it turns the bottom speaker into a front-facing speaker. 

Buy it Now from Mophie for $99 or for the S10+

15 / 15



    04/16/2019 at 6:01 pm

    My choice for S10 is the clear full protection TORRAS now on AMAZON which fits perfect.

  2. Ajay

    06/27/2019 at 3:56 am

    Don’t want to make your Galaxy S10 heavier but Stylish? Then get a customized sticker for your phone.

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