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10 Best Portable Battery Chargers for Phones & More



Charmast 26,800 mAh Slim Portable Charger

Charmast 26,800 mAh Slim Portable Charger

This next portable battery is somewhat of a toss-up. We didn't expect to find a nearly 27,000 mAh portable battery in a slim package for under $200, but we did. Reviews are quite positive on Amazon too, so give it a try. 

The Charmast 26k battery has enough juice to recharge a tablet multiple times, full charge a Nintendo Switch, or refill a smartphone battery nearly 8-9 times. You could recharge your Galaxy S10 for an entire week with this thing. 

Like the Aukey, this comes with three full-size USB ports that work with any cable you own. Then there's a USB Type-C output for fast charging (use with Android devices, Macbook, or Nintendo) and a 5th Lightning port. It's crazy. 

Buy it Now for $42 on Amazon

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