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5 Exciting iPad Air 2 Cases



The iPad Air 2 release date is here and it’s still hard to find a good iPad Air 2 case. Apple delivered a thinner iPad Air 2, so current iPad Air cases will not fit the new iPad. We discovered a small collection of exciting iPad Air 2 cases that protect the thinner iPad from damage.

All of these iPad Air 2 cases come from brands and companies we trust, and while we haven’t tried each of these out yet, we know that these are excellent cases based on versions for the iPad Air.

We’re still waiting to see an iPad Air 2 OtterBox case, but there are plenty of options to protect the iPad Air 2 available now. We’re also sharing minimalist iPad Air 2 cases that offer protection without adding bulk to the thin iPad Air 2 design.

Take a look at these exciting iPad Air 2 cases.

Take a look at these exciting iPad Air 2 cases.

Apple finally offers a gold iPad Air 2, and while most of these cases cover up the back, there are some that still let you show off the gold iPad.

The selection of Apple iPad Air 2 cases at the online Apple Store is not very large, but Best Buy and Amazon offer a decent selection of iPad Air 2 cases, many of which you can buy today for delivery within a few days.

Here is a look at the most exciting iPad Air 2 cases we could find so far. As more companies bring options to market we’ll see more and more iPad Air 2 cases arrive with new options that add style, features and more to the new iPad.

The iPad Air 2 release date arrived today at Apple Stores and on October 24th at Best Buy and other retailers. Apple’s iPad Air 2 starts at $499 and up with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options. There are also LTE models for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile for $130 more at each storage level. The new iPad Air 2 is thinner and includes a faster processor as well as an upgraded camera and Touch ID with Apple Pay support.

Check out the iPad Air 2 cases you need to look at before you buy a new iPad Air 2 case.

5 Exciting iPad Air 2 Cases

iPad Air 2 Smart Cover

iPad Air 2 Smart Cover

The iPad Air 2 Smart Cover is an official Apple iPad Air 2 case that  protects the front of the iPad and leaves the back open so you can show off the color option and keep the iPad Air 2 nice and slim. 

This is a polyurethane design and is available in seven colors including bright options like green, pink and orange. When in use it connects with magents to the edge of the iPad Air 2 and detaches with a pull when you don't need it. 

There is not much thickness to it and you can use it to prop the iPad Air 2 up for watching videos or making video calls or to prop it as a keyboard for typing. 

$39.99 at the Apple Store

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. tess mil10

    10/23/2014 at 11:40 pm

    There’s a deal this week on an iPad Air II Case & Keyboard at — Tab l e t M a x x – which offers a premium bluetooth keyboard-leather case combo for $19.95 (regularly $49.95)

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