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9 Exciting Things the 2017 Surface Pro Can Do



Instantly Take Notes the Way You Want To

If you need to take notes in a meeting, the 2017 Surface Pro is the device to take with you. You’ve got everything you need to create a record of every talking point that’s shared.

Every 2017 Surface Pro works with the Surface Pen. Click on the Surface Pen’s eraser cap once and it immediately opens a blank page in Microsoft’s OneNote app. You can create charts, graphs, bullet points and highlights there. If you want, you can scan documents and add them to your handwritten notes. Ink Workspace, an area in Windows 10, includes a screenshot tool, sketchbook and links to other apps in the Microsoft Store that work with the Surface Pen.

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So, what if handwritten notes aren’t your thing? Use the 2017 Surface Pro’s built-in microphone array to record the entire meeting. Add that audio to your OneNote Notebook or save it to OneDrive for syncing to another PC. Of course, you could also quickly attach your Surface Type Cover to your device and take notes with a keyboard and mouse.

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