Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: 5 Key Differences
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Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: 5 Key Differences



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Note 5 vs Galaxy S6 Edge: Price

Note 5 vs Galaxy S6 Edge: Price

Last but not least is the price, as this is hugely important for any potential buyer. The Galaxy S6 Edge was more than the regular Galaxy S6, and the same situation is unfolding here. While pricing may vary by region and carrier, we took a quick look at AT&T and found this.

  • Galaxy Note 5 32GB - $739
  • Galaxy Note 5 64GB - $839
  • Galaxy S6 Edge+ 32GB -  $815
  • Galaxy S6 Edge+ 64GB - 915

For a few dollars more than the Galaxy S6 Edge+ users can get double the storage and the Note 5, that's bad news for the curved phone. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ which arguably offers less (or more if you like the edge) costs users $75 or so more. This really shouldn't be too much of a concern for most though, as these will likely be bought on contract, or on payment plans where the total dollar amount is only a few bucks a month.

Each phone has a few unique feature that separate one another, but in the end users will have a beautiful massive 5.7-inch smartphone that will work wonderfully for years to come. In the end it's all about personal preference. Both phones are available for pre-order now, and hit all carrier shelves in the US starting August 21st. We're hearing AT&T and Verizon are shipping pre-orders already, so go order one today!

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