Get Me Rewrite!

Raven200I’m neck deep into another production for Wayside Theatre and this project is a fascinating original work based on the stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe, written by my collaborator (and musical guru) Steve Przybylski. Shadow of the Raven: Stories of Edgar Allan Poe is a really intriguing trip into the supernatural, and being a brand new work, (this will be the World Premiere) rewrites are coming fast and furious.

In the paper world, rewrites and changes are copied everyday and submitted to the cast and crew. New versions replace old versions and the way of keeping track is usually done with different colored paper. (Today’s changes are on green paper, yesterday’s are on pink, etc…)

I’m trying to adapt my typical methods of printing the script into OneNote 2007 to keep track of the changes (sometimes we go back to a previous version, or parts of previous versions.) Things happen quickly and I need a quick and easy visual reference to what changes are which, and need to match those changes up to everyone’s now rainbow colored paper scripts. Using different colored text in Microsoft Word that matches up with the paper choice of the day, I’m able to keep a visual tie-in to what page we’re all supposed to be on. Good thing I’m not color blind.

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