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HTC Sense 6: Hands On With New Features



The New HTC One comes with Android 4.4.2 and the HTC Sense 6 software features and looks on top of it. Here is a look at the New HTC One software that enables many of the special features and camera options.

Users can look forward to a HTC One Sense 6 update in the coming months, and the HTC Sense 6 update is coming to the HTC One Max and HTC One Mini as part of HTC’s commitment to fast and frequent updates.

HTC Sense 6 is the special collection of features and the look that HTC includes on top of the stock Android that Google provides on a device like the Google Play Edition. With HTC Sense 6 users get access to a collection of apps and special features that we will outline here.

The HTC One Sense 6 update will bring some of these features to older devices, but it’s not clear if every feature can make the jump.

HTC Sense 6 Software Hands-On Video

In seven-minutes we show you the New HTC One software highlights that come with the HTC Sense 6 software suite.

In HTC Sense 6 on the new HTC One users can quickly access important apps and information with motion gestures. This is not the first phone to make use of motion and gestures to deliver easy access, but it is one of the most intuitive that we’ve used. Pick up the phone and tap or swipe as listed below for fast access form the screen being off.

  • Double tap to go to the lock screen.
  • Swipe in from right to Widgets
  • Swipe in from left for Blinkfeed
  • Swipe up from bottom for Home
  • Swipe down to access voice dialing

Users can also use motions to answer an incoming call, but bringing the phone to their head. While holding the New HTC One in landscape mode, press the volume up button to launch the camera app and again to take a photo.

HTC BlinkFeed on HTC Sense 6 offers a similar experience with connections to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as well as a customizable list of news services and sources. Users can swipe left to get to BlinkFeed and can use a gesture to get straight to the built-in app. This is a nice change from the BlinkFeed experience on HTC Sense 5 and HTC Sense 5.5 which forced users to BlinkFeed by default. On the new HTC One BlinkFeed feels like a more natural service thanks to small changes in behavior.

BlinkFeed offers a new experience for HTC Sense 6.

BlinkFeed offers a new experience for HTC Sense 6.

The HTC Sense 6 skin includes a listing of toggles and shortcuts to settings in the notification pull down. Users can tap to toggle, tap and hold to jump to a setting and can even customize what shortcuts and settings show up.

Diving into the settings there is an option to pick a theme on the HTC Sense 6 software. Themes change much more than the wallpaper, and are more like installing a new look via a custom ROM, though not to that same level. There are four themes on the Verizon HTC One M8, and choosing the orange one carries over the color into BlinkFeed, settings and other places in the Sense 6 design.

The new HTC One is available starting today at Verizon, AT&T and Sprint and coming soon to T-Mobile and other carriers. The HTC Sense 6 software arrives on this device and will come as an update to other HTC One devices soon.

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1 Comment

  1. Drew Phillips

    10/11/2014 at 3:37 am

    Michael Fisher is a first class speaker. I was more impressed with your diction, sentence structure, and choice of words then I was with the content.

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