15 iOS 11.3 Release Date Tips & Tricks

Prepare for iOS 11.3 Problems

Prepare for iOS 11.3 Problems

The iOS 11.3 update is going through a beta and rigorous testing behind the scenes, but that doesn't mean it will be perfect. Problems will almost certainly slip through the cracks into the final release and you'll want to be prepared to face them head on. 

Common iOS issues include severe battery drain, busted Bluetooth, broken Wi-Fi, app instability, UI lag, and other performance issues. These problems popup after every iOS release and we expect to see them when iOS 11.3 arrives. 

We've put together a long list of fixes for common iOS 11 problems. If you don't consider yourself an iOS expert, you'll want to bookmark those fixes so you're ready to tackle iOS 11.3 problems when and if they popup on your device. 

You'll also want to add Apple Support on Twitter and bookmark the Apple Support page on the company's website.

You should also be familiar with Apple's Discussion forums.

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  1. Adso Rossi

    01/05/2018 at 4:01 pm

    Let’s hope this time Apple forgets about “new features” and just works on stability and performance….would be about bloody time.


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