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31 iOS 11 Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know



The iOS 11 update is massive. This new software changes how you can use your iPhone and iPad. There are so many changes and hidden iOS 11 features that there is no way you know all of them yet. Here’s our collection of the best iOS 11 tips and tricks you don’t know about yet.

After you install iOS 11 or buy a new iPhone 8, you will be able to change a tone of settings to customize your iPhone. You can use Siri as a translator, change Siri’s voice and much more. We’ll also show you how to use some of your favorite features from iOS 10 on iOS 11, now that Apple’s hidden some of them.

This list will help you show off cool iOS 11 tricks and help you do more with your iPhone so that you get your money’s worth, even if you decide not to upgrade to the iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

Learn what you can really do in iOS 11 with these hidden iOS 11 features that you can’t go another day without knowing.

See Older Messages on the Lock Screen

See Older Messages on the Lock Screen

 You can quickly look at your older messages and notifications from the lock screen without unlocking your phone to get to the Notification Center. 

When you are on the Lock Screen, simply pull up from the middle of the screen and you will see your Notifications from Earlier today. You can also clear these out from this screen. 

If you want to reply to someone or interact with a message just swipe on it, Swipe left to right to open and right to left to choose to view or clear individual notifications. 



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