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iPad 5 Release Date in April: Multiple Sources Weigh In



The iPad 5 could arrive in April or May according to many well-connected individuals with links to a variety of sources.

In a conversation about Apple’s 2013 product lineup and roadmap, we get a closer look at when connected journalists believe Apple may launch the iPad 5.

Apple typically launches the Pad in the Spring, but there are rumors which claim the company is pushing the device later in the year.  The iPad 5 is reportedly a new full size iPad with the iPad mini design, which would replace the five month old iPad 4.

We previously dismissed claims of an iPad 5 release in April, because the claim was backed with Apple’s past actions. This new collection of rumors come from sources familiar with Apple plans.

New Apple rumors claim the company is preparing the iPad 5 release for Q3 2013.

The iPad 5 could look much more like the iPad mini, with thinner bezels and a thinner design. image Martin Hajek

Given the recent rumors of an iOS 7 delay, talk of an iPad 5 release before WWDC 2013 makes more sense.

iPad 5 Release Rumors

It’s tough to nail down Apple’s release timing for the iPad, and while Apple did not yet announce an April iPad event, the following sources indicate that April may still be a possibility.

Rene Ritchie of iMore reiterates an iPad 5 event in April, though the wording leads us to believe this may be in flux.

I’ve heard from several sources that there was/is an event planned for April, new 9.7 inch iPad if it’s ready.

Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web confirms chatter of an April iPad event, which would logically be for the iPad 5.

I’ve also heard April, but never in conjunction with iPhone, only iPad

John Gruber of Daring Fireball weighs in on the timing, and while he is not citing sources, the reasoning for an iPad 5 event in April or May is logical.

… I’d think Apple would like to introduce the new Mini-style full-size iPad in April. If we don’t see it in April, I’d guess that it’s late. And if it’s late, I think they’d do a standalone event in May rather than hold it until WWDC in (I presume) June.

I don’t think they would want to unveil the new iPad at WWDC alongside iOS 7, because the new iPad won’t ship with iOS 7. It’d be weird to introduce the iPad and do demos of crufty old iOS 6 and then moments later show off the new hotness of iOS 7.

There are of course additional iPad 5 release rumors, which point to possible iPad 5 release timing in June or later in the year. Gruber’s reasoning for an iPad 5 before WWDC makes sense, though it’s just as possible that Apple could hold the iPad 5 over until iOS 7 is out.

Would this make for a long wait between new Apple products? Yes, it would certainly be a long period without a completely new device, but Apple did recently announce a 128GB iPad 4 and the T-Mobile iPhone 5. While neither of these products is earth-shattering, they are releases.

iPad 5 Rumors

The iPad 5 is expected to incorporate the looks of the iPad mini, offering up a thinner and lighter full size iPad. This could help the appeal of the larger iPad, which looks almost bulky next to the iPad mini.

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The iPad 5 will likely feature new display tech, like that found in the iPad mini, which helps with a thinner design, and may use a new display, though that rumor is less clear. The iPad 5 design, if true to the iPad mini roots, will feature thinner bezels and software that helps prevent errant touches.

The iPad 5 may not launch with iOS 7, especially if it arrives in April, but it will certainly see an update when the next version of iOS arrives.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fadi

    04/03/2013 at 5:06 pm

    I think that the claim of june rather than may is sound because of the ipad 4 128 gb recently launched. Apple has to release ipad 5 alomg with the ios 7 which will make it more appealing and attractive
    The recent release of ipad mini was obviously successful which drastically affected the growth of ipad 4 so release of ios 6 would be rather lame in the ipad 5 as well as the design would be same. And also the hardware will not be so much different than the ipad 4 like ram and processor
    So the only thing left would be the design and new ios.

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