Warner Crocker
March 2009

Local University Goes Green With Apple

 Shenandoah University, the local university where I live, has been working towards pushing the technology envelope in the last few years, just has many others have been. It’s not news that universities and colleges offer and often require incoming students to purchase devices like Tablet PCs, notebooks, iPods, and other devices. I say purchase because even though the headlines on these stories usually say things like ““Incoming Freshmen Receive New (pick a device)”, the implication is often that they are getting something for nothing, and nothing is free and somebody is paying the freight in and amongst all the fees and tuition.

Shenandoah University has chosen to make ““going green” one of its priorities, and has chosen to Apple products for the next class of newcomers and some faculty.

““It was a key factor in choosing the MacBook,” Bryon Grigsby, Shenandoah’s senior vice president and vice president for academic affairs, told Macworld. ““The university’s strategic commitment to the environment and sustainability partners very well with the MacBook’s pro-environment elements.”

This fall all incoming freshmen, some grad students and some faculty will get MacBooks and an iPod Touch.

““The university community sees the iPod as a vibrant connection tool that will allow us to come together and be fully informed of what is going on in and around campus,” said Grigsby. ““We are also seeing ways that our daily business can be done online—students can register, pay bills, or see next semester’s offerings easily and quickly.”

it will be interesting to see how this plays out when I’m on the campus in the next year.

Via MacWorld