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iOS 12 vs iOS 11: What’s New in iOS 12.1.3



Photos Upgrades in iOS 12

Photos Upgrades in iOS 12

The iOS 12 Photos app is upgraded to allow you to see more of your best photos. You'll now find search suggestions, easier photo sharing with friends and a new For You section that makes it easier to see your best photos and the best edits to make on them. 

Starting with search. You can look for photos based on location, contents and date already. In iOS 12 the iPhone will suggest searches that you should check out so that you always see the coolest photos you've taken. 

Now when you go to an event with friends the iPhone will help you identify this and then share your photos with friends in full resolution. If you share and they accept, they can easily share their photos from the same event with you. No manually picking and sending as a message. 

The new For You Section will show you your best photos, Memories and on this date style photos. It will also show you suggested edits to make to a photo. This includes Live Photo Effects, Depth of Field effects and more. 

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