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iOS 12 vs iOS 11: What’s New in iOS 12.1.3



New Siri Features in iOS 12

Siri upgrades start on iOS 12 and continue over to the Apple Watch this year. The biggest iOS 12 Siri feature is the ability to make Siri Shortcuts.

This is essentially a way to make your own app that combines all of your favorite apps and activities on your iPhone. Once you make a Siri shortcut you will be able to use your own command to launch that one action or you will be able to launch a string of activities.

In the demo we say using Siri to find your keys with Tile. You can also use it to combine a bunch of activities like texting someone, getting the travel time to home with traffic and starting your favorite audio source. These will appear as Siri Suggestions and you can make your own with the Siri Shortcuts app.

This is just the start of what you can do on your iPhone with Siri on iOS 12.

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