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3 Reasons to Pre-Order Anthem & 3 Reasons To Wait



The Anthem release date is finally here with Origin Access Premier, Origin Access and EA Access.  In a week the full game arrives. With that in mind, you may be ready to pre-order Anthem for PC, Xbox One or PS4, but there are still some good reasons to hold off on your Anthem pre-order right now.

After a delay, the Anthem release date is now locked in stone. There are two Anthem editions that you can buy, with the more expensive including some in-game items to give you a head start. You can score some Anthem deals if you pre-order, which is a solid incentive, and it will give you the fastest access to the game. You will need to prep for a massive download if you try the beta and if you buy the game.

You can pre-order Anthem Anthem at Best Buy, Newegg, GameStop and digitally through Xbox, PlayStation or Origin for $59.99 or $79.99 and you get it included with Origin Access Premier.

A lot of gamers are looking at Anthem and trying to decide if it is worth taking time away from favorites like Red Dead Redemption 2, Destiny 2, PUBG and other games to pick up this February release, or waiting and seeing if Anthem can live up to the hype.

We’ll share the reasons you should place an Anthem pre-order today, and the reasons you should hold off and wait for more info, reviews and other details.

Pre-Order for Anthem Deals

You don't need to wait to get Anthem deals, and in fact some of them will disappear once the game is out. If you want to lock in a deal, you can do this now at Best Buy and at Newegg. 

Best Buy offers a $10 pre-order bonus if you buy Anthem before the release date. This is not an up front discount, but it is a $10 reward certificate that you can use on another purchase about two weeks after you pick the game up. 

Newegg offers a 10-12.5% discount on Anthem right now. This may stick around until the release date, but it's not clear how long it will last. These typically do not last after the release date. 

Both of these deals are valid on the standard and the Legend of Dawn edition. At Newegg you can save 10% on digital versions or 12.5 % on the physical versions. 

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