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4 Reasons to Wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro & 3 Reasons Not To



“Should I wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro?” Even though Apple just announced a 2019 MacBook Pro and there are rumors of a 16-inch MacBook Pro arriving this fall, many users are now wondering if they should wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro before upgrading.

There is a good chance that the 2020 MacBook Pro release date will arrive in June, but it could come as early as February or March. We’re already hearing important rumors including the return of a favorite keyboard style. This may also signal a new design for the new MacBook Pro.

We typically see Apple announce a new MacBook Pro every year and in 2019 we already have updates to the 13-inch and 15-inch models. Rumors suggest we could see a base 13-inch update this fall and a 16-inch MacBook Pro near that same time.

Waiting for the 2020 MacBook Pro release date will likely bring a new keyboard, new screen technology, and more power. There is also a good chance that you will get a new design.

If you are thinking about buying a MacBook Pro today, you can buy the 2019 MacBook Pro, look for a deal on a 2018 MacBook Pro or buy an older 2015 MacBook Pro with lots of ports and a proven keyboard. You can also look at MacBook Pro alternatives or wait for an update.

Here are the reasons to wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro;

  1. Wait for a New Keyboard
  2. Wait for a New Design
  3. Wait for Micro LED Screens
  4. Wait for More Power

While it makes sense for some buyers to wait, there are also almost as many reasons not to wait for the new MacBook Pro yet. Here are our top reasons not to wait;

  1. Don’t Wait if You Can’t Wait a Long Time
  2. Don’t Wait for a Cheaper MacBook Pro
  3. Don’t Wait for More Ports

At this stage, many of the reasons to wait are for rumored changes, but they are from sources that make the wait worthwhile.

I am currently using a 2016 MacBook Pro that is experiencing some odd performance issues and I am hoping that it can hold out until the 2020 MacBook Pro in order to get a better keyboard and screen. Keep reading for more on why you should and shouldn’t wait for the MacBook Pro.

Wait for a New Keyboard

Wait for a New Keyboard

The current MacBook Pro uses a fourth generation butterfly keyboard. It is better than the first version Apple built, and long term testing is still needed, but since it is already on the repair program it's not the final solution. 

The latest report from Ming-Chi Kou focuses on the replacement for this troubled keyboard. The 2019 MacBook Air will reportedly debut with the new scissor switch style keyboard, and then Apple will bring it to the 2020 MacBook Pro. 

This new style of keyboard will add key travel, which is the distance a key moves when you press it. It should also add durability to the new MacBook Pro keyboard, which has been an issue with the 2016-2019 models. 

Kou is a respected analyst with a good track record. If you are on the fence about using this as a reason to wait, you should be able to see and feel this new keyboard in fall 2019, so you may want to at least wait until then to decide. 

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