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Siri vs. S-Voice (Video)



When Samsung announced its Samsung Galaxy S III last month, it also detailed a new voice recognition app called S-Voice, software that will be in direct competition with Siri on the iPhone 4S. And with the battle heating up, a new video has surfaced pitting the Galaxy S III’s S-Voice against the iPhone’s Siri in a battle of virtual assistants.

The video, first discovered by Phandroid, pits S-Voice on the Galaxy S III and Siri on the iPhone 4S against each other in a series of tests.

Keep in mind, the Siri that is displayed here is not the Siri on iOS 6 which will be coming with loads of upgrades.

For those that have heard of neither, Siri and S-Voice are voice-enabled assistants that can do everything from tell time to schedule appointments to help users find destinations. All of that can be accomplished by simply pressing a button and talking into the microphone.

The voice assistants are so similar that they are difficult to tell apart. In fact, S-Voice is likely one of the reasons that Apple threatened to block the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III in the United States.

Fortunately for Samsung, the Galaxy S III will launch on time in the U.S.

In the video, we see Siri and S-Voice being put through a series of tasks, from reporting the weather to telling the time, to setting an alarm for the next day.

The race is pretty close and the only thing that seems to set the two apart is that the person in the video can’t get navigation from Siri because he’s in New South Wales, Australia.

That of course should be fixed when Apple releases iOS 6 later on this year.

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Siri is already available on the iPhone 4S here in the U.S. while S-Voice will launch on the Galaxy S III when it arrives on June 21st on Sprint and T-Mobile.

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