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    How To

    Learn how to take a DIY passport photo on iPhone. Learn how to take a DIY passport photo on iPhone.
    Apple2 days ago

    How to Take Passport Photos on iPhone

    If you want to take DIY passport photos you don’t need magic or patience, you need to learn how to...

    How to make tax exempt purchases on Amazon. How to make tax exempt purchases on Amazon.
    Amazon4 days ago

    How to Buy Tax Exempt on Amazon

    If you are eligible to buy things tax exempt in your state, you can sign up to buy tax exempt...

    Android1 week ago

    10 Common OnePlus 6T Problems & How to Fix Them

    The OnePlus 6T is a great phone with plenty to offer, but it’s not perfect. Things are a lot better...

    Android1 week ago

    How to Download & Install the Android 11 Beta Right Now

    In a surprise move Google just released the first Android 11 beta earlier than most expected. In this post, we’ll...

    Apple2 weeks ago

    How to Share Your iMessage Profile Photo & Name

    There’s an easy way to make sure that your friends, family and business contacts have the best-looking profile photo of...

    Entertainment3 weeks ago

    UFC 247: How to Watch Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes Live Anywhere

    In this guide we explain how to watch or stream UFC 247 where the defending champ Jon Jones will take...

    Android4 weeks ago

    How to Fix Bad Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL Battery Life

    If you’re experiencing Google Pixel 3 battery drain or your phone isn’t lasting as long as expected below we’ll explain several...

    Android4 weeks ago

    10 Common Pixel 4 Problems & How to Fix Them

    Google’s Pixel 4 is one of the best phones around with a lot to offer, but it’s not perfect. And...

    Entertainment4 weeks ago

    Super Bowl 2020: How to Stream it Free from Anywhere

    One of the biggest sporting events of the year is upon us with Super Bowl LIV (54). The two best...

    Apple4 weeks ago

    How to Hide iPhone Location from Find My Friends & iMessage

    With Find My and iMessage location sharing it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly being watched by friends or family members...