Lifestyle PC research and what they should be like

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Arnie Lund is talking about the new Lifestyle PCs at the Microsoft Mobility Brief. The following are some of my notes from the brief

His major talking points – a must-read to understand where Microsoft and the OEMs want to go with these ultra mobile / lifestyle device. These points paint a really good picture .

  • Definition of lifestyle
    • About individualism
    • A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group – The American Heritage Dictionary
    • Lifestyle design – the design of the shell, the scenarios supported, and the industrial design work together and are optimized for a particular lifestyle
    • Build a platform that addresses many different lifestyles
  • Design Trends
    • Personal, mobile, organized, connected, powerful, expressive, efficient, collaborative, entertaining – all wrapped around the heart.
    • Lifestyle PCs and devices-
      • People who use tablets talk about the personal nature, interactive aspect
      • PDA’s speak to it as well
      • Entertainment companion - iPod, PSP, portable DVD player
      • Shouldn’t need a help button
      • Cell phones – want to be connected all day, fashionable element

  • Making an Iconic Design
    • iPod – immediately draws a mental image
    • Razr — people know what it is
    • this lifestyle pc needs to have that iconic design

  • Making the connection
    • Intersection of self expression and intimacy,
    • User Values
      • Ages – 16 – 25 – Social, unique, whimsical /playful, environmentally conscious, globally influenced
      • Products – diverse colors, personal experimentation
      • Where is mobility happening?

  • Research Plans
    • Form factors are critical to Lifestyle mobile PCs
      • Fit to user
        • 1 to 2 hand use
        • Physical size
      • Fit to activity
        • Focus on usability
      • Fit to heart
        • Focus on desirability – want to carry it with you everywhere

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