So, What Tablet PC Would I Recommend?

Since posting my article about Dell and the continual problems with N-Trig, I’ve received some inquires about what Tablet PC I would recommend instead of the Latitude XT Tablet PC.

As most folks know, this is a very personal decision. There are many factors to consider: how you work, do you work while standing, power vs battery, touch vs pen only, weight, etc. All of that said, here are the tablets I’d be taking a serious look at. I’m a keyboard user, so you’ll only find convertibles in this list:


  1. The T2020 is nice; but, me being a person who wants to create images that are, at least, 2000 x 2000 pixels, I need more power.
    Hence the fact that I am on the verge of ordering a T5010 with a modular bay battery.


  2. Rob,
    I didn’t see the option on the HP webpage for 2730p to have it supplied with an SSD. There is a note at the bottom of the page but I’m not seeing any “customization” link either. Any idea when those options will be available?

  3. I’m waiting for the X200t as well ynohtna; CDW lists some “incoming” and Lenovo is not willing to give a status update (somebody reported the end of this week, and/or next sale).

    I would recommend purchasing from a reseller like or Directdial as Lenovo has really crappy customer service and wait times.

  4. Update: I just spoke with CDW Canada and they said even though the site lists “incoming quantity” as 7 (currently) they are still on a 3-4 week lead time.

  5. Hello
    im considering buying my first tablet pc and i am also between those 3!
    The most important things for me is better feel smooth inking, screen, battery life, weight and would prefer it with SL9400.

    which one you think is closer to what i want?


  6. Konstantinos: I hate to say it, but I think you’d be happy with either. suggestion: contact and see if they can set you up with a free 48 hour demo of the ones you are leaning toward.

  7. Rob i also think i will be happy with either (as it will be my first one :D) but there is a problem with your suggestion :P

    I live in Greece and unfortunately i cant see-touch any of them here :(
    thats why i need the opinion-suggestion of experts like you :D

    (i am math student so i will keep notes of maths which means that i wont need greek language recognition )

  8. out of the three, ( personally speaking ), I would go for the x200t first, the 2730p, then the t2020. the x200t and the 2730p are pretty darn close, though, and you couldn’t go wrong with either.

  9. Rob, There’s an SSD option for a surprisingly low price. Tinyurl link to hp website active 10/23/08:

    Maybe it’s a price mistake? it shows $1899. Even at that price, it’s still not enough storage for me. I wonder if it’s the Intel SSD X18-M or not. Doesn’t say.

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