GBM How To: Keyboard Shortcut to Quickly Change Screen Rotation

Looking for a keyboard short-cut to quickly change screen rotation? Ctrl-Alt and any of the four arrow keys will set you free:

  • Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Up will rotate your screen up
  • Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Down will rotate your screen down
  • Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Right will rotate your screen right
  • Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Left will rotate your screen left

I’ve verified this to work in Windows Vista and Windows XP, whether a tablet pc or regular notebook. With a regular notebook there maybe some video card constraints. Update: HP’s tx series doesn’t seem to support this keyboard shortcut.


  1. Doesn’t do anything on my HP TX2530EA, only pressing the screen rotate button (or manually picking an orientation from the Tablet control panel) seems to do it.

  2. but I forgot. The rotation does not save the desktop layout on turning!! It is sad if you have undocket gadgets

  3. I use it on my Gigabyte M912, Kohjinsha SC3, and Fujitsu U810 running Vista. I also went and created a Penflick to rotate the screen so when I’m in tablet mode I can rotate it.

  4. In the Intel Graphic Card properties window you can define these shortcuts. And the above mentioned shortcuts is the default setting. So it’s most likely that they only work with an Intel Graphics card. Other graphics card have other default settings, maybe. But who uses keyboard shortcuts on a tablet? :)

  5. I had a problem with this twice at the hospital where I worked in IT. I’d get a call that the screen was sideways. I googled, and told them the key combo to fix it. I guess it is bound to comeup every once and a while. Thank goodness sticky keys were disabled.

    I does only affect intel gpus, The key combo wouldn’t work on my workstation since it had a ati card and the software has a different shortcut combo.

  6. Sounds like an Intel video only shortcut. It seems the tx series which uses ATI graphics doesn’t work with it, nor does my XT, which also has ATI graphics.

  7. I have an x61t with vista and the “intel common user interface” (hkcmd, igfxtray, and igfxpers) disabled from starting up. These shortcuts don’t work for me.

  8. Works on a Hp TC4400. Dont know when this will be useful but now I know how it works. Sure Ill find somthing. Thanks.

  9. This works on a ThinkPad X41.

    I feel rather stupid not having before known about these shortcut keys. Thank you for pointing them out.

  10. This doesn’t work on the OQO 02 either. Ctl-Alt-left/right arrow seems to be mapped to speaker volume and up/down arrow has no apparent effect.

  11. I think that it’s handled mostly by intel graphic cards software, therefore You musn’t untick its software from auto start in msconfig.
    I think that is this one “intel(R) common user interface” (it’s 3x there) or perhaps GzSnd (i think I memeber that one I unticked it and shortcut stopped working)

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