Congratulations to Jeff Pollard, MindManager 8 Winner

mm8 We had some awesome entries for our MindManager 8 giveaway. They all clearly showed how indispensible MindManager is to mobile users, and how the new features like embedded browsing and embedded editing are to the research / brainstorming process. Picking a winner proved very difficult and basically came down to randomly choosing among my ten favorite entries. Congratulations, Jeff Pollard! You are now the proud owner of a MindManager 8 license!

Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the new features in MindManager 8. I should have my InkShow review ready by tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Thanks, David.

    I appreciate your kind thoughts.

    I was surprised and grateful for this great gift! There were so many obvious and important uses mentioned by those who commented. I learned a good bit just reading the way so many use MM7.

    Thanks to Rob and all the staff at


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