Are You Buying a Netbook This Christmas?

I’ll be honest – the netbook craze has certainly caught me off-guard. When you have non-tech friends coming up to you and talking about a gadget, you know something special has happened. I have lots of friends who have told me that they intend on buying a netbook, with cost + size being the major reasons why. Linux distros don’t interest them – they want something familiar and that means Windows XP Home Edition.

As you prep for Christmas, is a Netbook in your plans? Are you hearing the same things from your friends?


  1. I do want a netbook for Christmas, but I'm going to wait and keep hoping for a tablet netbook that will run One Note. I have high hopes for the 2Go tablet that is supposed to be out soon. I will definitely buy a netbook of some sort before March 2009.

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