Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Netbook is a Tablet

snapdragon Kevin Tofel picked up an interesting tip yesterday. It looks like Qualcomm is showing off a concept Netbook featuring their Snapdragon chipset and a Tablet-like swivel hinge. The Snapdragon chipset is an ARM-based processor and as Kevin points out, that might mean a possible instant-on (or near instant-on) boot up. It would also support both Linux and Windows Mobile.

Again this is really more concept than reality at the moment, but Kevin has a good rundown of how the Snapdragon chipset compares to Intel’s Atom in his post. I wouldn’t expect this swivel screen concept to be more than a touch screen.


  1. hmm… how arm cpu enables instant on??

    .. midinux, winmo etc boots as long as any other os on any cpu.. it’s OS’s ( like winmo )standby that makes “instant-on”, not the cpu

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