Google Adds Tasks to GMail

Google continues to tinker with GMail (and of late, I continue to have sporadic issues with GMail) and now they’ve added a module to allow you to create and manage Tasks.

Basically you click and type and add a Task and you’re all set. You can add the feature through Settings/Labs (as you do with just about all of the new features that Google keeps rolling out.) Once you do, it will appear in the upper left most pane. Click on the word Tasks and you’re off and running.

You can also add a Task from within an email by choosing More Actions and this associated the email with the Task.


  1. Ben says

    I tried it, and I couldn’t enter a single task–it just wouldn’t let me type text anywhere. Plus, I don’t like that it shows the tasks in a chat-like window, instead of a permanently open list, like the RTM plugin.

  2. Ben says

    well, that’s weird. text isn’t displaying on GBM either (of course, all the ads are appearing). guess i need to retract that part of my comment about gmail tasks.

  3. BBusyBookworm says

    I’ll be really interested if there was a way to Sync it to Outlook tasks, the same way you can sync Goggle Calender to Outlook.

    If that was possible, it would start making it a very viable replacement for Exchange for many people.

  4. Rob Bushway says

    looked at it, tried it, but like others said – Remember The Milk owns it now and does a much better job – plus, there are access to those RTM tasks on the iphone, where the gmail tasks are not available on the iphone.

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