GBM Shortcut: Cricket Laptop and Tablet PC Stand

cricketFinding a good stand for a tablet pc takes a lot of trial and effort. They have to light weight, mobile, and provide a good range of angles. Fortunately, all of those are found in the Cricket Laptop and Tablet PC stand. Checkout this quick GBM Shortcut for a short review. The Cricket is available for $39.95 from


  1. Andrew Wilcox says

    That looks good Rob. I have used small painter’s easels in the past.

    Presenting with the Tablet PC has always been an interesting challenge. I like access to the keyboard for short cuts e.g. MindManager’s Ctrl-F5 Fit to screen and being able to point with the pen. Sometimes a lectern is available and these can work well.

  2. John S. says

    Hey Rob thanks for the great review…I bought this after Warner briefly showed it a few months ago. I have to say I use it daily and am disappointed in it. Maybe more disappointed in what it could be. While it is great in tablet mode one thing you didn’t mention was the clearance needed. If you are on a small round table at a Starbucks or equivalent, the main leg is dangerously close to the other edge of the table. When I used it on my nice kitchen table, it marked the heck out of the wood finish because of the plastic surface on the bottom of the front legs. As for typing mode those small plastic support legs that fold up are a deal breaker. I leave them down while typing which makes the tablet more susceptible to movement but it works for me. The ease of setup and portability is great. It comes in that nice little bag as well. I am using a x61 and the rubberized battery pack keeps it stable and helps as well. Hope this helps. I have never had a computer or gadget that I use in public that people ask about more than this thing so the appeal is definitely there. If they could fix literally 3 issues (small plastic support legs should come as inserts of varying length, plastic on the front to legs to stop marking wood and perhaps shorten it a bit) it would be best-in-show.

    Thanks again,


  3. Joe says

    I’d probably get this myself except they don’t have it in black, its either that ugly green, or an even worse white.

  4. Frank says

    Very interesting the video and the comments. I often looked at this product but to buy it here in Europe is a bit difficult and I also can’t imagine that it really works for a tablet PC user. I mean is it really solid. When I place my tablet PC in portrait mode on the cricket stand and write or press a tablet button on the top left or top right edge, doesn’t the tablet “fall”?

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