HP Universal Docking Station and DisplayLink Powering Up To 6 Displays – Video Demo

IMG_1643 We saw a very cool HP Universal Docking Station, that has supposedly been announced but I have not seen mention of it, that allows graphics over USB, powering up to 6 external monitors. According to the rep, it uses a technology from DisplayLink Corp to make this happen.

In this video, an HP Mini 1000 Netbook is demoed displaying 3 external monitors that are connected to the HP Universal Docking Station. Very, very cool stuff, especially considering a netbook is connected to all of that stuff. Now, we just need more USB based monitors…




  1. CES guy says

    Well that is coolest technology for Netbooks and Notebooks! The presenter is not bad either.

  2. Gixxer 1000 says

    Buy reading this article I can not figure what the models name is. Can anybody tell me where to buy this sucker and what the name of it is? please

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