Is This Microsoft’s New Store?

We were hanging out at Microsoft’s Building 37 tonight, and on the way
out Craig Pringle, Hugo Ortega, and I caught a glimpse of what might appear
to be Microsoft’s new store. The etching on the back of the glass says
“Windows Mobilization Flagship Environment”

More pictures after the break.

Click on each picture for a higher res shot.


  1. Really I think the lack of variation is just due to it being a model. I’d be pretty surprised if they only used one model of laptop throughout the entire store.

  2. @Eric,

    Indeed, this is a perfect opportunity for Microsoft to pacify some OEM’s and expose multiple makes and models like a car show.

    Of course, it is possible that they might just sign a few “exclusive” agreements with an OEM or two, but I’d still imagine seeing multiple models.

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