Gadget Stimulus Plan Day 10: Win a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent Go

freeagent_goWe’re trying to close your gadget deficit while the economy’s in the dumps with the Gadget Stimulus Plan. Today we’re giving away a Seagate FreeAgent Go hard drive.This drive is extremely thin and can easily fit in your pocket.

The 500GB FreeAgent Go has is big enough to completely backup any Tablet PC or notebook. If you already have a solid backup plan you can use the FreeAgent Go to mobilize your multimedia library. It can store 8,330 hours of music, 125 DVDs, or 160,000 photos.

This drive is compatible with Seagate’s new FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player, which offers one of the easiest ways to view your digital pictures and movies on your TV.


The 500GB FreeAgent Go retails for $149.99. It’s available in eight colors and smaller capacities.


There are three ways to enter to win the Seagate FreeAgent Go 500GB drive, and you may enter once in each of the three ways.

1) Leave a comment on this article and tell us how many photos, songs and videos you have on your mobile computer. Is your internal drive too small to accomodate all of your multimedia files?
2) Check out the FreeAgent Theater product page, leave a comment on this article telling us what you think about this new device and whether or not you’d consider buying one.

3) Go to, follow @seagate and tweet the following:

““I entered to win a Seagate FreeAgent Go drive from the Gadget Stimulus Plan thx! @Seagate #GadgetStimulus10”

You have until Thursday, April 2 at 8pm PDT to enter. We’ll assign every entry a number and use to randomly draw a winner.

This contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canda, as long as participating in contests like this are legal in your hometown. It’s your responsibility to check local laws and regulations. Those who enter more times than allowed will be disqualified. The winner will be notified by either email (if random comment is chosen) or by an @reply on Twitter (if random tweet is chosen. He/she will have 48 hours to claim the prize and provide shipping info.


  1. 12,349 Photos
    29,023 Songs
    0 Videos

    — Of course the drive is too small and I could use a better designed external drive.

  2. Zero.

    I have a 120gb harddrive, but I’m too paranoid to keep things on my computer since I’ve had failures before.

  3. I’m down to 17 gigs of free space on my Asus R2Hv. Right now I’m using live sync to transfer all my pics to my daughters tablet as a backup. Using a Mini HD camcorder can eat up a drive fast!

    I currently have about 1,800 photo’s, 2,568 songs and about 22 videos. I think it’s time to get rid of programs I no longer use.

  4. 97 photos, 140 songs, and 2 movies.
    I never store anything on my drive unless I have to because it’s too small, so I absolutely need an external.

  5. I would use this for music and movies on the road, it would look great with my mbp. I have about 7000 photos and 25 movies on my laptop drive, I need to get them off to something portable.

  6. 7226 music, 10695 photos, videos (10-20 are mixed in with my photos).Internal drive is filling up, but more importantly, I see the need to update my back-up. I didn’t realize I had that many songs and photos.

  7. About 5GB of photos (1376), and 15 GB of videos, which doesn’t really get you that far (20). I’ve been desparately looking for more storage space.

  8. Part of me is ashamed to say it, but when I ran Elements 7.0 organizer it found close to 10,000. Why am I ashamed to say that? Because they’re not sitting on my network (backed-up) drive… :(

    I’m not short on space – that’s only 20G or so – but I am short on backup…

    Working on that right now, actually.

  9. My internal hard drive is waaaaaay too small. I don’t even have everything on here and it’s full. All my photos and movies are on my other drive even.

    Is this a notebook hard drive? If I win this I might crack it open and switch my laptop’s hard drive out…

  10. I have 1500 pictures, 2061 songs (still have CDs that are not archived onto the computer yet), 34 movies with some home movies still on my Sony camcorder because they are too big for my computer. My X61T does not have enough room for all my media.

  11. I have a 500 GB HDD full of multimedia contents (around 5000 photos from different trips and party, about 10000 songs from that have been accumulated since my first computer and a few movies. I’m planning to leave home for 2 years to complete my study and I don’t want to bring my big desktop with me. I’m already planning to buy a few of these portable HDD so I won’t overload the HDD of my laptop.

  12. Photos: 4,522
    Songs: 97,654 (I DJ)
    Videos: 51

    My laptop internal has about 98GB free and I still have tons of music I need to carry around, 500GB would fit the bill just nice.

  13. 5214 Songs
    1434 Pictures
    25 Video

    I don’t have enough room to keep video. Only a handful of the videos I have are backed up. That could change if I will this drive.

  14. I have 10 photos and 14 video files, no music. I try to keep the HD as clean as possible so as to not bog down the system, that and my video files take up most of my HD space on my W7 partition (35 GB). I could definitely use more room.

  15. I’ve got a Raon Digital Everun with a 60GB HD. Has about 25GB of music, 15GB of video, and more photos of my kids than I can count. It’s a constant juggling act as to what to always have handy. I need more room and the Everun docking station would be an excellent friend for the Seagate.

  16. I have about 50GB of photos on my mobile computer, it would be great to have a mobile HDD to store and backup those pics on.

  17. I don’t have too many picts and songs, but it’d be nice to have an external backup. I do have a second internal drive that holds the extras.

  18. 253 photos
    554 songs
    no videos

    I have alot of room left to use and will use it. I have a 80gb Hard drive and have 80% free space.

  19. I am using a 250G WD passport, but it easily runs out of space. Maybe 30 hrs of music, 2000 photos and dozens of movies.

  20. I could finally move out of the stone age with my old pulled notebook 60 GB hard drive, slipped in ashell.
    Back ups, music, heck I might even take a game or two along for the ride. Hope is a full glass.

  21. I have 224GB worth of pictures, video, and music. My internal drive is 250GB and im consistantly having to delete my data. An external hard drive would be fantastic!

  22. I have 30GB of video and 1500 pictures on my computer and I find that I’m continually deleting stuff to make more space since my last external hard drive died. I also have 50GB of music that is stuck on my iPod because there’s no space to keep any of it on my computer.

  23. none… hard drive is too small… smallest/most mobile laptop is a Dell C400 with a 30 Gb drive. :-( I have way more free space on my 16 Gb SD card in my digital camera.

  24. 1,120 songs; 5252 pictures/videos. my hard drive isn’t too small for what i need. but i would like a bigger drives, so i can have multiple OSes. that’s my main limitation. =P

    also, when i take pictures, i don’t take them at full resolution, unless they are really impressive or rare shots that i can never take again. i don’t see the point to filling up a hard drive with thousands of 4-5mb each shots of mundane, day-to-day stuff, half of which is out of focus and blurry anyway!

  25. I dont store any music or movies/vids on my laptop because I dont have any space for all the required applications. oracle, windows server etc take up most of the space :|

    All of my multimedia is on an external hard drive, but Its not portable. It’s the one with an external power source :( So that sucks!

    Note: I know I’m probably not eligible, but I would seriously appreciate this device!!! :)

  26. I have over 4000 songs, over 300 videos, and over 3000 photos on my laptop. Although it all fits, I’d like to free up some space so I can comfortably add Linux to it, and it would be nice to have a good way to back everything up.

  27. My internal HDD is way too small at 100GB!

    I have 4,000+ pictures, a couple thousand songs and a few movies and TV shows…can’t seem to fit everything I need for School in my drive, plus those must-have media files!

    Help, I want/need that FreeAgent Go!

  28. i have a few hundred pictures and a few movies but not alot in the way of multimedia. my internal definitely fits everything but a good external hard drive would definitely change that.

  29. It’s happened to me. Loss of valuable information due to a hard drive failure. 2 months worth of work notes lost due to lack of a regular back up process. With 5 PCs in the house, having a portable solution should help remedy that situation.

  30. I don’t have any because my notebook is so old it bogs it down. I only have them on my PC at home with no back up for them either. I hate not being able to use my notebook for my Pics,videos and most of all my music. I need the FreeAgent Go to mobilize my multimedia library for my notebook and to back up my PC files at home. Since the 500 GB seagate FreeAgent Go can store 8,330 hours of music, 125 DVDs, or 160,000 photos I could use this for both backing up my files on my PC and use it with my notebook to mobilize my multimedia Library.
    Thanks for having this awesome review & giveaway~!

  31. I was running very close to the limit on my UX180 which only has 20GB of usable HDD space. My music library and photo libraries are the primary culprit and I’ve had to switch to an external solution to be able to effectively store my media.

  32. My media storage computer has about 150 gigs of video and another 6 gigs of pictures and only about 10 or so gigs of free space left. Ironically I almost bought an external drive last night because I need more space…

  33. I have less than 10 videos, music, etc. on my hard drive; my drive is large enough; not really into multimedia. sorry.

  34. 14,799 pictures
    10,529 song
    48 videos

    And yes, my 250gb laptop hd is full. And I don’t have a reliable way of backing it up. DVD and CD are too small.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. I don’t get to have any music or movies on my laptop, they all have to stay at home on an external drive. It would be great if I could take them with me!

  36. I transfer too much from day to day to really nail down what I have. I do a lot of photos, video and audio work from the laptop. I try to keep it <10 GB for pictures and audio but <30 for video. Won’t even begin to figure out whats on the desktop…

  37. I have no idea how many songs, photos, and videos I have on my laptop. I’m hopelessly disorganized, but I’d hate losing any of them. And back-up plan? Nada. SOS!

  38. I’m currently working off an 80gb Netbook hard drive. This would be great to have, because its nearly full and I have a ton more videos and song I want to put on it.

  39. Let’s see, songs is up to 16GB on my player now, and photos, with all of my school assignments is currently at 85GB. So, a 500GB drive would be useful..

  40. Well, my dirve (80G) is too small to store all my media files, so I use an external drive (250G on our home-made server/PVR) – which our needs have now outgrown as well…
    I keep only pictures and podcasts I’m currently using, constantly swapping between internal and external drives. At the moment, I have about 3 dozen pictures (one’s my backround screen) and 5 podcasts.

  41. laptop
    167 songs
    4 video’s
    need more time but an new drive would also help…

    13GB of songs on my desktop, just keep swapping stuff over on my 2G SD card

  42. Because of the more limited storage options on my notebook, I really only have about 120 photos, no songs, and 2 videos on my laptop. But with this external drive, I could really open up my storage options.

  43. My count comes to:
    14086 photos
    3933 songs
    189 videos
    taking up a total of 84.25GB, but with the 320GB hard drive in my HP tx2500 I have plenty of space. What I do need is a large external hard drive to back up such a large internal!

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