OffiSync Combines Google Docs and MS Office Apps

OffiSync is a new tool that allows users to work with Google Docs from within Microsoft Office applications rather than a web browser. When you install OffiSync, a new tab will appear in your Office apps that allows you to save and share your documents to Google Docs. You can invite collaborators to view and edit your documents from within Word or Excel.

OffiSync’s integration with Microsoft’s applications reminds me of DocVerse, which Rob Bushway blogged about here.

Check out the below video demo and let us know what you think about OffiSync.

Visit OffiSync to register for the free open beta.


  1. Very very cool. I love MS Office Live [1] because of its seamless integration with Office 2007 Suite. Now Offisync provides same integration with Google Docs. A dream come true.

    My only concerns are about how Offisync handles my credentials during the authentication phase. Is the authentication channel secure?

    Has anyone performed security assessment of Offisync? If so, I would love to hear from them. Thanks!


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