Time’s 10 Biggest Tech Failures of the Last Decade

Time Magazine has published a list of what the Time Editors think are the 10 biggest failures of the last decade. As usual with some of these lists, some that get the distinction are obivous and some no so much.

Here’s the list:

Worth a read over the weekend.


  1. I’m sorry, but Time doesn’t carry much weight with me any more. Its become a magazine that seeks to MAKE the news rather than report it. In that context, their opinions couldn’t be less relevant.

  2. Agreed. It’s opinion of “tech failures” seems to be based entirely on earnings and financial data. If anything, Iridium was a technological success because of the insane engineering required to make such a tiny handset link up with a satellite so far away. It was, however, a business failure for the reasons stated in the article.

    Similarly, YouTube was a success – not just in technology but in finances as well (it netted the creators how much money again?) Google didn’t pick up YouTube because it thought YouTube was going to make it money in the short term but because YouTube helps Google hold onto a massive amount of data to mine from, which is helpful in other areas that WILL make it money.

  3. Seriously– YouTube is a failure?! That’s absurd!

    Windows ME should be on that list in its place, and I don’t really view Zune as a failure either. Afterall, everyone knows that it usually takes Microsoft about 3 “generations” of a product to really come out with a dominating product in markets that they face stiff competition in.

  4. “Success”, according to the article, is financial success – did the product actually meet sales and profit expectations. Technical success is not considered. YouTube is a good example – it is tremendously popular but hasn’t made a penny, so Time defines it as a failure.

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