Microsoft to Remove 3 App Limit on Windows 7 Starter Edition?

Paul Thurrott is reporting that Microsoft will not place a 3 App limit previously planned for Windows 7 Starter Edition. That would be good news, but do recall that Ed Bott and others have reported that the 3 App limit was not nearly as restrictive as it sounds. Intriguingly and apparently another limit being placed on Windows 7 Starter Edition is that you can’t change the desktop wallpaper


  1. Denver says

    This isn’t news, XP Starter and Vista starter were both limited to low resolutions, and 3 open applications (each of which can open, I believe, 3 windows) at a time. Further, the Starter editions are a (feeble) attempt to slow down piracy in developing countries, where most people aren’t going to pay full price (or any money, really) for a normal copy of Windows. Starter has *not* been sold in any of the major markets (US, Western Europe, Japan).

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