GBM Shortcut: ShamWow!

Every geek loves “As Seen On TV” junk and I am no exception. While perusing Bed Bath & Beyond with my daughter tonight, we happened upon some ShamWow cloths. I couldn’t resist.

Fortunately for me, they came in quite handy tonight…

I’ll give them a shot on some tablet pcs later in the week and report back.

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  1. Tim says

    I’m actually interested to see how you think they work for spill cleanup etc, as I don’t imagine they make good for wiping down tablets. That said, my understanding is you have to pre-soak them (ala skillet) before they will actually clean anything up (ala soda on carpet).

  2. Rob Bushway says

    all of them except the blue ones had actually been used prior to shooting our little video, so they had already been “pre-soaked”. I’m not imagining them doing a decent job on tablets, either.

  3. Skip Coghill says

    You are one lucky man. Those are three of the cutest kids ever. They grow up fast…. glad to see you are enjoying every moment!!!

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