First iPhone 3GS Video Test Featuring Thomasin

Of course the subject of my first test of the new video features on the iPhone 3GS would feature my lovely wife, Thomasin. This is taken in our office and as   she says the lighting is pretty lousy. I was able to send the video up to YouTube.


  1. Warner, this is going to sound odd, but take a 3 minute video and try to upload it. I’ve been having issues with my G1 not wanting to upload more than 3 MB, and I’m wondering where that limit is imposed.

  2. Aaawww! I was hoping for another one of Thomasin’s enlightening reviews when I saw the title! She gives it an nice flare; and she gives more insights into what we women would like in an electronic device. (Sorry, dudes, you just don’t have that kind of touch. Ha ha.)

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