OneNote vs Evernote! Let Ink Be Spilled!

Will OneNote be the one, or will Evernote be forever? You decide at Lifehacker’s Battle of the Desktop Note-Taking Apps!

onenotevsevernoteYes, the productivity blog Lifehacker  has put it to their readers to decide which  desktop note-taking app  will reign supreme. They even give a shout-out to  the Tablet PC niche by pointing out how much we love our OneNote, but do we? I’m quite the Evernote fan myself, enjoying its easy accessibility on my Tablet PC, iPhone, and work desktop via web access. I’m also using a public notebook for a voice/note blog. Sure, OneNote’s the better inking app, but I do most of my ink in Windows Journal anyway, importing into other apps  as needed.

But that’s just my usage. Where do you stand in the battle of  One vs. Ever? Vote for your favorite there, but be sure to let us know in the comments  why your pick got your vote. And may the rivers run black with ink!

Alleged Apple fanboi, accused Android apologist, and confirmed Microsoft MVP for touch and tablet Mark Sumimoto a.k.a. Sumocat dabbles in all areas of mobile computing with a focus on Windows-based Tablet PCs and pen input. A mobile computing enthusiast since 2004, he pioneered the field of ink blogging via his personal blog, Sumocat's Scribbles. His current tools include a Fujitsu Lifebook T900, TEGA v2, and iPhone 4. Email: sumocat [at]


  1. I’d like to do everything in OneNote, but I end up just importing (the stuff I need to have on my hip) into EverNote to get it on all my machines (TPC, WinMo, iPhone, OS X) with little fuss. It doesn’t help that ON crashes on my game character sheets, and MS has never been able to duplicate the problem, even if other users have. I’d been settling for using Windows Journal, instead. The snapshot notes? Mighty darned convenient! I find myself wondering why I bother with ON anymore; it’s certainly a PITA for me to keep versions synced elsenet, since I like to have control over where my files are stored, and the last time I checked, offline files weren’t kept in a place that makes sense to me (I admit my info might be way out of date).

  2. I have a different opinion of ON. I’ve yet to have it crash on me. In fact, it’s the most stable MS app I have. ON isn’t perfect, but I sure like it better than anything else.

  3. I have no use in my life for anything Apple, so I’m a OneNote user through and through. Better inking, and I’ve never had OneNote crash on me, so I’ve no reason to dump it. Nevermind the better integration with Outlook which is where I spend ~80% of my time.

    Not dissing Evernote, I think it’s a great product, but in my world, I bought a tablet to ink my notes… so the inking in OneNote wins.

  4. Onenote for me.

    I tried Evernote, but I liked the notebook feel of ON better. Evernote just felt like an application.

    I do like the sync stuff in Evernote, though. A lot.

  5. I’ve only used OneNote, but it is handy for planning sketches
    and rough out notes.

    I look at it as an electronic notebook/scratch pad.

    One thing it doesn’t have a manual save, which I’m always worried my work isn’t saved when I close the program.

  6. Admit it, there isn’t really a contest, only evernote can provide the superior services offered by their platform, If you only take notes on one device you could pretend to compare, but if you use a pc at work, a mac at home and an iPhone on the road only one service can offer you the clarity of your own thoughts…

  7. Only one really behaves like a notebook and that is Onenote. Evernote is v.flashy and v.impressive. But less in this case is more. I like Evernote a lot and where inking isn’t available it acts as a cool scrapbook. But Onenote is the only true notebook. (Not a fanboy, mobile since 1999)

  8. I’m using OneNote in combination with Dropbox and it’s far superior to Evernote. I have my notebooks saved to a Dropbox folder and this way all of the files are synchronized between my PC, Tablet PC and my Windows Mobile phone. With the calendar (or how is it called?) plugin for ON it basically has all the benefits of OneNote + a much better inking and categorizing experience.

  9. OneNote for sure. I haven’t tried Evernote, but ON is very stable. I carry my X200T everywhere, do all my schoolwork on it, why would I need to sync it to other devices? It’s not like I’m taking notes on my iPhone. ON let’s me organize everythng very easily, it boots fast, and It saves everything automatically. Why would I need anything else?

  10. OneNote, all the way! I’m a teacher who uses OneNote shared notebooks across a network. Evernote is cool, but I can’t do this w/o OneNote. For me, easy choice!

  11. I use both and see them as different tools for different jobs. OneNote for me is a tool for creating large compendiums of information gathered from many sources but highly organized.
    On the other hand I think EverNote is great for storing bits and pieces that I want to access on my 5 PCs or my HTC phone or a friend’s PC (hard to do with ON). I store passwords, software Registration information, and hand written to do list from my phone. One of the coolest tools in EverNote Mobile is the ability to photograph business cards with my phone, upload them to EverNote and never worry about misplacing the card.
    Different tools, both very capable, both very useful. I can only imagine what OneNote 2010 will be like. The ON creative team is full of great ideas and I am sure that EN has given them a nudge here and there.


  12. I keep trying Evernote with hopeful anticipation, but the inking in OneNote is just far superior. I don’t understand why that has been such a hold up for Evernote for as long as it’s been around billing itself as place to take notes.

  13. This is the dilemma I’ve had for a while now. I love One Note but I like the portability of EverNote. Now w/ One Note finally getting an iphone app, there may be a winner. One Note!

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