Installing the Office 2010 Technical Preview

I’ve installed the Office 2010 Technical Preview and OneNote 2010 is now upgrading my notes. I, and other members of the team will be reporting our findings in the next few days.



  1. Upgrading notes turned out to be a bug in the last move from 2003 to 2007.

    Firstly the notes never upgraded properly causing massive problems with tags for some users, even in the final release . As a tech preview tester I pointed this out to them before they went to RTM, they only acknowledged they’d missed my feedback after it was far too late to correct.

    Also the upgraded notes in the beta weren’t compatible in the RTM version I seem to remember too.

    So I hope the situation has improved.

    Warner – are you expecting to use the notes in the RTM? Have you been given any guidance whether this is possible?

  2. Scoobie I hear you – as an academic I was really peeved when all my research tags got scrambled in the upgrade — i too contacted them but there was no joy to be had. I dealt with it, but a lack of tag compatibility would be a dealbreaker for me

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