GBM Shortcut: Inking in Word 2010 and OneNote 2010

onenote20102Are you in to Tablet PCs? Wanna take a sneak peak at inking in Word and OneNote 2010? Then take a quick look at this GBM Shortcut video where I demo inking, screen capturing, and customizing pen favorites. This is not an indepth review – just a short look at some of the cool stuff the Office and OneNote team have been working on. We’ll be producing some more indepth InkShows in the coming weeks, but this should be enough to give everyone an quick idea about what inking is like across the Office 2010 suite.

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  1. I’m so glad to see them make inking less of a pain to get to in Word! I’m also very happy with the customized pens for Office 2010. There seem to be a lot of choices made easy to get to. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  2. Since there is an eraser included, I wonder, is there a thought of being able to use these features with a touch screen? Any way to compare the two in one of your inkshows? I guess there was already an eraser in Onenote 2007, but I found it easier to turn my pen around.

  3. Steven – the eraser works fine with touch, but I wouldn’t read too much into that. Since eraser support was in 2007, it is more of a carry over feature.

    Some pens don’t have erasers on the back of the pen – like the Dell Latitude XT for example. That is why most inking programs offer dedicated eraser support.

  4. Anyone else having issues trying to use the lasso select with the right mouse button in OneNote 2010? It ends up drawing a circle around things instead of selecting.

  5. Weird, okay thanks. I’ll have to try on my XT when I get it back from Dell, but it’s definitely happening on the tc1100.

  6. Actually, strangely enough, after I updated notebooks to OneNote 2010 format, it stopped happening.

    Information sometimes disappears and reappears on the tc1100 running in, but it’s not actually gone, I suspect that the CPU just can’t keep up.

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