Matt Dillon Says “See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” To Netbooks

In what is part MacBook review / part Farewell to netbooks, GBM’s Matt Dillon lays out why he’s kissed netbooks goodbye. It is a great read, well written, and has some very good arguments on why a person should think twice before purchasing that next netbook. Check it out.

Comparing a netbook to a notebook such as the (13″) MacBook Pro is like comparing a Geo Tracker and a Hummer; they’re in two completely different categories.   Unfortunately, I had succumbed to the myth that a netbook could meet my basic computing tasks while a home-based and more powerful computer would accomplish my intensive computing requirements.

I gathered together the computers I had in my house which included a few dead clunkers in the garage, an older Motion M1300 Tablet PC, an HP desktop running Windows XP circa 2001, an Eee PC 1000HE, and a 1.83 Ghz Intel Core Duo MacBook, and hit up craigslist and eBay to liquidate.   I had the necessary funds available after about two weeks of auctions and sales.   It was clear that I wanted a computer with plenty of power and long battery life.   I was seeking a notebook that would replace the need for both a netbook and a more powerful desktop.


  1. @Dodot: You are correct! Your memory serves you well. I did have an HP 2710p and liked it, but nonetheless did sell it. My current arsenal is as I write in the article, a MacBook Pro. I am eager to see what Apple has up their sleeve with the Apple Tablet and foresee myself getting one. My biggest issue with the 2710p was that I felt the inking experience was a tad off. I know that digitizers are usually a little off, it takes many calibrations, and you’re supposed to look at the cursor, not the actual pen, but I couldn’t get to that “natural input experience.” I grew increasingly frustrated. Granted, my time with Win7 inking has been very impressive and much better (especially in those sides/corners that tend to make me want to pull my hair out). I look forward to the tablet advancements that are in the very near future. Thanks for your comment.

  2. You prefer reflective screen? Pure torture trying to use reflective screens outside of anything but perfect conditions.

    I heard Apple may start using nonreflective screens soon for their macbooks. I might actually be able to join Mat in celebrating the Macs useability if that happens.

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