CrunchPad Aiming for November Release

Looks like Fusion Garage wants to get some press out about the CrunchPad. This article in the Straits Times doesn’t really yield any info on specs that we haven’t already heard,except that there will be no on board storage,   but the article does say the Fusion Garage folks are on track for a November release. I’m guessing someone, somewhere is wanting to get out front with the story that the CrunchPad and the mythical Apple Tablet are going after two different markets.



  1. “World’s first tablet PC”?

    “Analysts see a touchscreen tablet as a forerunner of the Next Big Thing in computing – touchscreen PCs and laptops.”

    WTF? I’m pleased as punch by the excitement over the tablet form factor, but when did we go back in time to 2002?

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