Fujitsu Multi-Touch Tablets on Video

Sumocat posted about Fujitsu’s multi-touch Tablet PCs a short time ago, and jkkmobile sent along a link to a video of the touch screen in action from Check it out.


  1. Interesting. The 2-finger limit could be an issue. Notice how they were not able to properly play the pong-type game at the end of the video. When Rob demoed it on his latitude XT, he was able to adjust the sizes of the paddles by having one finger on each orb–using 4 fingers all together. Hopefully, the 2-finger limit will be fixed soon.

  2. Alex: They made a point of mentioning the 2-finger limit would be lifted with a future software update, so I expect it will be done not long after release (We’ll probably have to wait longer for the release than the update).

  3. Yes! At least they’re not going for the stupid ********** N-TRIG active digitizer that doesn’t support ANY pressure sensitivity in GIMP/Photoshop/any other drawing program worth your time!
    I just hope that it is true (with that powerful processor in such a small package) so I can buy one when it comes out. Hopefully I won’t loose an arm and a leg in the process. :)

  4. As long as they don’t ruin it by putting the battery on the front, or keeping that pressure-sensitivity so low.

  5. Actually, I just found an interesting theory about those pressure levels… 15 FOR THE CAPACITIVE, and 256 for the pen? OH YEAH!

    And I don’t SEE a battery hanging off of the front…

  6. I checked the T4310 out at the IFA in Berlin. They told me that they’d price it around 1200 Euro in Germany which would be a little bit more expensive than the HP tx2 (which costs 1000 Euro in Germany). They said they would release a shinier version T4410 which would be a little bit more expensive. Also they want to upgrade the T5010 with Wacom Multitouch.

    The multitouch from Wacom seems to be pretty precise…

    We wrote about it at heise mobil, here is the link, the google translator is not too accurate though:–%2Fnewsticker%2Fmeldung%2F144852&sl=de&tl=en&history_state0=

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