MobileNoter is Now Available

mobilenoterI’ve been trying out MobileNoter for sometime and the folks behind it have now opened it up as a public beta. MobileNoter allows you to sync OneNote files between your desktop/notebook/Tablet and your iPhone. You can check out some of early thoughts on the beta and some screen shots here.

Here is the link to the MobileNoter release info.


  1. jmoney says

    won’t sync for me as well.

    program buries itself pretty deep. I am on windows 7

    iphone seems ok, but sync is not working, nor does the ui allow you to know if it automatically syncs.

    seems to verify everytime it launches and does not hold login detail on reboot, etc.

  2. Warner Crocker says

    Remember folks, it is still in beta. The team working on this is very responsive and looking for your feedback. So, let them know what you are experiencing.

  3. Jeremey Godfrey says

    Yes I a having the same problem with sync I get the error “server returned an error. sync was interurupted.” The password etc appear to keep saved and the first page of a one note has sync with phone but the rest has not and the problem occurs every sync

  4. scoobie says

    Its working for me folks.

    It looks really slick, if a little basic in terms of functionality at this stage

    v.81 isn’t on the apple update yet – I guess its just for nonpublic beta testers.

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